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Our purpose built, modern fleet of semi-submersible heavy lift vessels are ideal candidates for the transportation of high value offshore oil and gas structures.

The safety of your cargo is always our number one priority.

Murphy Oil’s King’s Quay FPS

Murphy Oil’s King’s Quay FPS

Aibel’s Troll M11 Module

Troll M11

Sevan's FPSO Pirenema


Hebron DES Module

DES 49 rev

Teekay’s Arenal Spirit Accommodation Unit

Arenal Spirit

Shell's Appomattox FPU

Shell's Appomattox FPU

RasGas’s Barzan Modules


Conoco Phillip's Magnolia TLP

CP Magnolia

Exxon Mobil’s Sable Module


Total USA's Matterhorn Seastar TLP

ProjectChartererCharterer's ClientYearVessel
ProjectMagnolia TLP HullChartererSamsung Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.Charterer's ClientConocoPhillipsYear2003VesselTAK
ProjectSeastar mini TLPChartererAtlantia Offshore Ltd.Charterer's ClientTotal USAYear2003VesselTAK
ProjectAlba B-2 Deck Module 1ChartererGlobal Offshore Intl. Ltd.Charterer's ClientGlobal Offshore Intl. Ltd.Year2003VesselTAK
ProjectDAN FG JacketChartererSMOE Pte LtdCharterer's ClientYear2004VesselTAK
ProjectDAN FG Topside ModuleChartererSMOE Pte LtdCharterer's ClientYear2005VesselTAK
ProjectSable Tier 2 Compression DeckChartererSaipem UK LimitedCharterer's ClientExxonMobilYear2006VesselTAK
ProjectSevan FPSO #1ChartererSevan Production ASCharterer's ClientYear2006VesselTAK
ProjectAMP2 TopsideChartererSaibos AKOGEP SNCCharterer's ClientYear2006VesselTAK
ProjectSevan FPSO #2ChartererSevan Marine ASACharterer's ClientYear2007VesselTAK
ProjectSevan FPSO #3ChartererSevan SSP Pte LtdCharterer's ClientYear2007VesselTAK
ProjectBarzan ModulesChartererHyundai Heavy Industries, Inc.Charterer's ClientRasGas/ExxonMobilYear2013VesselXYK
ProjectTroll M11 ModuleChartererAIBELCharterer's ClientYear2014VesselKSK
ProjectSolan Field JacketChartererPremier OilCharterer's ClientYear2014VesselXYK
ProjectWasit Gas Project ModulesChartererSaipem/Saudi AramcoCharterer's ClientYear2014VesselXYK
ProjectHebron DES ModuleChartererHyundai Heavy IndustriesCharterer's ClientExxonMobilYear2015VesselTAK
ProjectIvar Aasen TopsidesChartererDet NorskeCharterer's ClientYear2016VesselXRK
ProjectAppomattox FPU HullChartererShellCharterer's ClientYear2017VesselXGH
Project King’s Quay FPSChartererHyundai Heavy IndustriesCharterer's ClientMurphy Oil Corp.Year2021VesselXHK