COSCO SHIPPING Specialized’s “Xin Guang Hua” successfully delivers Damen Ship equipment to Curacao.

COSCO SHIPPING Specialized’s largest semi-submersible vessel “Xin Guang Hua” visited Rotterdam end March 2018 for the third time since she entered service in December 2016. The vessel loaded two floating dry docks and dredging equipment. The cargo was loaded in Caland Kanaal with destination Willemstad.

Damen Ship repair decided to strengthen their repair capabilities in Curacao by adding the dock capacity and awarded COSCO the transport contract of the special combined cargoes. The smallest floating dock was pre-loaded into the largest floating dock and then loaded as one package with a weight of approximately 15,000 tons.

Upon arrival of the Xin Guang Hua in Willemstad the vessel carefully entered port, passing the pontjesbrug and the Koningin Juliana bridge before submerging in Schottegat for the successfully float-off discharge operation of the floating docks and dredging equipment.