Mission and Vision

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To remain a global leader in the semi-submersible marine transportation market and continually strive to improve safety and service.  Our dedicated and professional global network of employees services one purpose, to create and environment of trust and accountability.


Management will encourage our global workforce to achieve this Mission through:

Customer Satisfaction

Using concerted efforts to provide the highest service levels

Opportunities for improvement

Mutually identified through project evaluations


Build long term relationships built on mutual trust, agreements and evaluations


International and intercompany integration of norms and values

Consistency and compliance with statutory and industry standards throughout the globe

Occupational Health and Safety

Ensuring personal safety of interested parties both on board and ashore

Offering exemplary employment conditions encouraging individual growth of our
professional personnel

Adhering to professional standards and respecting the norms of values of others at all

Hazop and Hazid

Facilitation of information

Participation in client specific risk identification

Technical Excellence

Ensuring highest engineering standards for safe and reliable transport of high value, out of gauge, cargoes