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COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Transport offers a diverse fleet of semi-submersible vessels with various deck sizes to accommodate a wide range of heavy and oversized modules and equipment.  The versatile vessel design, which includes removable stern stability casings, allows for multiple loading and discharge methods including Lift on/off, Roll on/off and Skid on/off via the stern, port and/or starboard sides.

Since 2006, COSCO Heavy Transport has safely transported 250+ modules over 91 voyages working in step with the largest international EPCs and Oil & Gas Companies. From grillage design, fabrication and installation, safe loading and discharge of modularized cargoes, COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Transport offers our clients a total package solution to their specific project needs.


COSCO SHIPPING’s m/v Zhi Yuan Kou with the final TCO FGP-WP/MP project cargo offloaded at Hamina, Finland.   The TCO FGP-WP/MP project consisted of 63 voyages, totaling 196 pieces of cargo and a sailing distance of over 1million miles.


COSCO SHIPPING’s m/v Xiang Rui Kou delivers more TCO FGP-WP/MP project cargo to Burgas, Bulgaria.  COSCO SHIPPING’s Project Management Team spent 3 years working at the Fluor / TCO FGP-WP/MP office in Farnborough, U.K. to deliver the project safely and on schedule.


Optional Scopes of Work:  COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Transport can offer our clients grillage design, fabrication and installation allowing the fabrication yards to concentrate their resources on the modules.