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A Brief Introduction of COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Crewing


COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers Co., Ltd.  has cultivated a highly qualified pool of crew members for its fleet of semi-submersible heavy lift (SSHL) vessels.  The vessels are crewed by COSCO SHIPPING personnel with the highest education, strictest training, and detailed on-board experience so that they can skillfully handle the complex operation of a SSHL vessel.

COSCO SHIPPING complies with Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW), Maritime Labor Convention of 2006 and other international conventions.



The very best of COSCO SHIPPING's pool of masters and crew are selected for promotion to COSCO SHIPPING’s SSHL vessels.  COSCO SHIPPING demands the highest standards for any masters and crew that work onboard these specialized vessels.

Competence and Experience

Before being assigned master to a SSHL vessel for the first time, candidates must work onboard a COSCO SHIPPING ship for twelve months or onboard a SSHL vessel for seven months as a chief mate and six months as a master of another type COSCO SHIPPING vessel.  During this time, all candidates must maintain high ratings.  They are then required to lead an entire semi-submersible voyage as co-captain under the direction of an experienced master. Chief mates, chief engineers and other crew members undergo a similar selection process and training criteria.


The training of all SSHL crew members is categorized into five areas:

  1. Certificate of Competence for Seafarers – All crew members are trained according to international conventions and guidelines and are certified for their corresponding positions.
  2. Professional Development – All crew members receive regular training and development in their areas of expertise. They are also kept up-to-date on international guidelines and conventions.
  3. Safety Training – Special attention is given to the training of all crew members in compliance with international safety standards and specific QHSE project related requirements.
  4. Onshore Training – All crew members receive detailed on-shore training before working on board or transferring positions.
  5. Onboard Training – All crew members receive additional onboard training as per COSCO SHIPPING’s Operating Instructions.
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