COSCO SHIPPING Specialized’s Zhi Yuan Kou delivers final modules for TCO’s FGP-WPMP Project.

COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carrier’s m/v Zhi Yuan Kou delivered the final modules for  TCO’s FGP-WPMP Project on August 18, 2020.  This final shipment completed 61 voyages executed successfully since May 2018.  These voyages were handled by a fleet of vessels owned by six companies led by COSCO SHIPPING and covered a sailing distance of over 1 million nautical miles.  A total of 196 pieces of cargo weighing in at over 195,000mt were safely delivered to the project. 

“The last modules being discharged from the COSCO SHIPPING heavy lift vessel at the Hamina transshipment base is a significant milestone for the FGP-WPMP Project and marks the end of a successful partnership dating back to the original contract award on 27th September 2016. The first sail away from the fabrication yard in South Korea took place on the 25th May 2018 which signaled the beginning of 3 extremely busy years.  All modules were delivered safely, and I would like to congratulate all those from COSCO SHIPPING and their partners who have contributed to this significant achievement.” said John Harrison, TCO FGP-WPMP Project Manager – Logistics. 

For COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers, the TCO FGP-WPMP project represents our ability to bring together multiple vessel owners to find the best logistic solution for our clients.  Chen Wei, as Chairman of COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers, would like to thank TCO Future Growth Project and its partners, the project team, our officers and crew who were together able to execute this project safely.   Due to the large scale of the project and multiple companies involved, teamwork and good communication was essential in the success of the project.