X-Class | Xiang Rui Kou

Details & Characteristics

DP System:DP-2 (optional)
 Speed:13.5 knots
 Propulsion:2 x 5250 kW
2 fixed pitch propellers
Bow Thrusters:2 x 1200 kW
LOA:216.7 m
LBP212.1 m
Breadth moulded:43.0 m
Loaded Draft:9.68 m
Deck Submersion:13.0 m
Hull Depth:13.0 m
Cargo Deck:177.6 x 43.0 m
Bulkheads:7 Transverse bulkheads
Longitudinal bulkheads – 1 at centerline and 2 at
11.375 meters from centerline
Web frame spacing:Every 2.4 meters
Allowable load on maindeck:25 tons/m²
Casings:9.6 x 5.8 x 17.4 m
Deadweight:48,232 tons
Ballast System:4 x 6,600 m3/hr air compressors
2 x 1,000 m3/hr pumps, 2 x 200 m3/hr pumps
61 ballast tanks, including top tanks, double bottom tanks, center tanks and side tanks enabling the vessel to better control motions and accelerations.

Accommodation for 24 persons in addition to crew.

Power Supply to Cargo:440 V, 60 Hz, 1550 A during transit.