Zhi Yuan Kou

Details & Characteristics

DP System:DP-1
Speed:12 knots
Propulsion:2 x 5000 kW
2 fixed pitch propellers
Bow Thrusters:2 x 1500 kW
Stern thruster:1 x 2000 kW
LOA:195.2 m
LBP185.2 m
Breadth moulded:41.5 m
Loaded Draft:8.8 m
Deck Submersion:11.0 m
Hull Depth:12.0 m
Cargo Deck:153.6 x 41.5 m
Bulkheads:6 Transverse bulkheads
Longitudinal bulkheads – 1 at centerline and 2 at
11.2 meters from centerline
Web frame spacing:Every 3.2 meters
Allowable load on maindeck:20 tons/m²
Casings:17.6 x 8.75 x 16.6 m
Deadweight:38,000 tons
Ballast System:4 x 3,200 m3/hr pumps
Power Supply to Cargo:380 V, 50 Hz, 700 kW, 1400 A during transit.